Excited to serve PerCom2023 as Publicity and Social Media Co-Chair.
The 21st International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2023)
Our paper about irregular time series is accepted by ICLR 2022!!!
Our paper about population-scale drug safety is accepted by Nature Computational Science!!!
I was invited as guest editor at Frointer in Sustainable Cities!
We are orgnizaing a Research Topic of "AI-Powered Smart Healthcare in Smart Cities"!
Our paper is accepted by UbiComp 2021!
Exciting to co-orgnize NSF National Symposium on Drug Repurposing for Future Pandemics
Our survey about deep learning-based BCI is accepted by Journal of Neural Engineering!
Our paper, GNNGuard, is accepted by NeurIPS 2020!
I was selected in UNSW Alumni Profile.
CSE News
Our paper about EEG- and Gait-based user authentication is accepted by ACM TIST.
Our paper about neurological diagnosis is accepted by J-BHI.
I joined ZitnikLab (Machine Intelligence for Medicine and Science) as a postdoc at Harvard University!
We have two papers been accepted by ICONIP 2019.
Our paper is accepted by ICDM 2019 as full paper (acceptance rate 9%).
I am awarded the Engineering PhD Summit of EPFL 2019 (11 Recipients Worldwide).
I am awarded the KDD 2019 Student Travel Grant.
I am invited as a reviewer of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.
Our paper is accepted by KDD 2019 Research Track!
I am invited as the reviewer of IEEE Access.
I am invited as the reviewer of Pattern Recognition Letters.
I have received the Google PhD Fellowship 2018 (Only Four Awardee in Australia).
Our paper about EEG-based Person Identification is accepted by Ubicomp 2018.
Our paper about Multi-modality Sensor Data Classification is accepted by IJCAI 2018.
Our paper is accepted by Percom 2018 Ph.D. Forum.
Our paper about EEG-based Brain Typing System is accepted by PerCom 2018.
Our paper about Brain-Computer Interface is accepted by Mobiquitous 2017.
Our paper about smart living is accepted by ICONIP 2017.